Jen Adams – Director of Operations, Mind Your Business, Inc.


Will has been instrumental in leading our marketing efforts in a profound but professional way. His clear, articulate grasp on marketing strategy, data, and the methods for integrating it into business are impressive. I would strongly recommend Will to anyone looking to use marketing more effectively in their business.

My Twitter rant: why not delete inactive accounts?


ADDITION Feb ’12 – due to a lack of response from @willrussell, I changed the handle to @willrussellmktg to move in line with the creation of Will Russell Marketing.

I have a problem – an inquiry, if you like, into the Twitter policy on inactive accounts. If you can shed any light, please do!

My problem goes like this…

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Founded by Will Russell, a passionate marketer in the social impact and crowdfunding space, our mission is to help brands use marketing more effectively as a tool for growth, revenue, and recognition.

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