Using rhetorical mirroring to successfully communicate with your audience


Have you heard of behavioral mirroring?

Often touted as an effective persuasion tactic used to provide an advantage in certain social situations, such as negotiations, mirroring is the behavior in which one person imitates another.

It’s commonly associated with forms of nonverbal communication, like postures, gestures, or facial expressions, but we also mirror back words and spoken language. By repeating back what people say, we often show empathy and understanding.

From a marketing perspective, mirroring can be a fantastic tactic in how we present and construct a message. It’s a way for us to build trust with our audience. We’re rarely our own target and often sitting behind a keyboard, though, so how can we know what messages or rhetoric we should be mirroring in the first place?

I use a simple method to ensure I’m mirroring my target demographic at all times in my marketing – and that’s what I’d like to share today (and yep – I used this exact process when writing this blog post).

Mirroring Study Data
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Create a content marketing strategy that actually works (plus a free content calendar template)


Far too many brands confuse “output” with “outcome”, and there are few places where this is more evident than content marketing.

So. Much. Noise.

It’s a problem that’s causing brands to waste thousands of dollars and hours every year on marketing that offers limited value.

Content Marketing
Content marketing shouldn’t be about creating content simply for the sake of it, or because everyone else is doing it. It should be tied to very specific business goals and aligned with your overall strategy.

Here are the six steps (and the exact content calendar template) I’ve used to build out my content marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

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