The copywriting formula every marketer ought to know


We’ve all been there.

In front of your computer having been trying to write an ad, an email – any type of marketing copy – for a good hour or so, completely dissatisfied with what’s on the page in front of you.

It doesn’t flow. It’s not powerful. It simply doesn’t match the message you’re trying to convey.

Truth be told, this is much more of a problem for beginners than more advanced marketers.

Those who have been marketing for a while are not only more effective in writing copy, but exponentially more efficient, too.

It’s not experience, per se, that makes their writing faster, more cohesive, and far less painful, though. It’s down to one simple fact…

They don’t write from scratch.

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How mindfulness leads to business success


Earlier this month, I had a great conversation with Dan Candell and Matt Ward as a guest on the Square Peg Round Hole Podcast.

We talked about how to create habits of success, forgiving yourself for failure, and keeping a positive outlook as an entrepreneur. I highlighted a few of the techniques I use on a day-to-day basis, to stay productive, positive, and making progress.

Some great takeaways that, I hope, everyone can learn something from. Have a listen:

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Turn email subscribers into impact makers


Earlier this month, I was privileged to speak at the Online Nonprofit Institute. My online workshop was titled ‘Turn email subscribers into impact makers’.

The workshop focused on how to use your email content to engage and excite your subscribers, and generate massive impact and advocacy. We talked about how you can leverage copywriting techniques, automation, and your existing email content to 10x your email marketing results.

If you’re looking to improve your email marketing, there are some gems for you to takeaway.

I’m delighted to now to share this content with you – watch below.

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Five incredible lessons I’ve learned since starting my business


December 31, 2015, was my last day as a regular 9-5 employee.

While I’d been working on marketing side-projects for years, 2016 was the first, official year of running my marketing business, Will Russell Marketing.

Last month, I reflected back on some of the incredible lessons I’d learned over the first twelve months in business – and Business Insider was kind enough to publish those reflections.

Whether a solopreneuer or CEO, these are lessons that all entrepreneurs experience, from the pressures of captaining your own ship to the personal growth essential for success.

Read the full article on Business Insider: A year ago, I quit my job to start a business — here’s what I wish someone had told me at the beginning.

Indiegogo marketing mistakes that can ruin a campaign before it begins


Since I launched the crowdfunding marketing consulting arm of my business, I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a number of very successful crowdfunding campaigns (mostly on Indiegogo, a few on Kickstarter).

Due to the massive success of the crowdfunding industry, the perception is that it’s “easy”. Many individuals and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon, anticipating their idea on the back of a napkin will have brought in six-figures in funding by the end of next month.

Unfortunately, this leads to much frustration and many failures. In fact, almost 80% of Indiegogo campaigns fail.

There are a number of core elements required for a successful campaign, from marketing to manufacturing, and the mistakes I’ve seen made could be a book.

In this post, however, I wanted to offer an insight into a few key questions that ought to be asked right at the start. Questions that, if asked, can prevent a campaign being doomed before it even begins.

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