How mindfulness leads to business success


Earlier this month, I had a great conversation with Dan Candell and Matt Ward as a guest on the Square Peg Round Hole Podcast.

We talked about how to create habits of success, forgiving yourself for failure, and keeping a positive outlook as an entrepreneur. I highlighted a few of the techniques I use on a day-to-day basis, to stay productive, positive, and making progress.

Some great takeaways that, I hope, everyone can learn something from. Have a listen:

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Here’s insight from 5,000 marketers on how 2015 will play out


Now in it’s second year, the Salesforce State of Marketing report was published last week, providing insight into the industry’s priorities, challenges, and metrics for 2015.

Five thousand marketers participated, giving us an in-depth look at their approach to email, social, and mobile marketing. Here’s a quick look at a few stats and takeaways.

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How to perform a competitive analysis


Whether you’re a multi-national corporation or a small business that’s just starting out, there isn’t much that will serve you better than a competitive analysis. A competitive analysis will assess your past, affect your present and dictate your future. In fact, it could be the difference between success and failure.

A proper competitive analysis will cover seven key topics:

  1. Your company’s competitors
  2. Competitor product summaries
  3. Competitor strategies and objectives
  4. Competitor strengths and weaknesses
  5. Future market outlook
  6. A SWOT analysis
  7. Future strategy recommendations

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Competitive Analysis Checklist: Getting to know your online competitors…and learning how to beat them


As web use continues to grow, more and more online channels are standing out to businesses as new opportunities for customer acquisition. They offer lots of promise and potential, but the market is flooded and it can be hard stand out from your competition.

A simple competitive analysis goes a long way to demonstrating exactly where a particular brand can beat the competition, but many business owners simply don’t know where to start.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to publish the online marketing competitive analysis checklist that we use when weighing up campaign strategy for clients – along with the tools we use to make these assessments:

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